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Prairie Wildfire, formed in 2015, is an all-female trio from Buffalo, Wyoming, offering a blend of bluegrass, country, and gospel. With lead singer Sage Palser on mandolin, vocalist Morgan Blaney on bass, and vocalist Holly Qualm on guitar, the trio has honed their harmonies, filled out their sound with original instrumentation, and written many of their own tunes. 

About the Band

Morgan Blaney

Morgan just graduated from high school and will be attending UNC Greeley in the fall of 2019.  She is excited about going to college and will play music with new people, but plans to continue with Prairie Wildfire in the summers and when she can sneak home.


Holly Qualm

Sage Palser

Sage is an 11th grader and has been playing the mandolin for eight years.

In addition to being the lead singer and mandolin player in the band, Sage is a lyricist.  

She began songwriting after visiting her great grandpa at his ranch outside of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  She released her first solo CD, "Red Dirt & Sage", in 2014, and is also featured on the Occidental Jam CDs released in 2015 and 2016. 


She loves horses and learning how to play every instrument she can get her hands on.  She is the section leader of her elite high school singing group, loves to play quints in percussion of her high school band, and although she's not in love with jazz, she will be the jazz singer in Buffalo High School's jazz band this year.  

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